The Econ Mission

As our customers strive to create more sustainable operations, we vow to continue to help them achieve this through the products that we provide. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner: supporting universal human rights, protecting the environment, and always looking to benefit the communities where we work.

A solid start...

Making promises to change for the environment is one thing, but putting words and plans into action is another.

At Econ, we have started our sustainability journey with a dynamic approach, introducing multiple measures and vehicle features to increase efficiency whilst minimising our environmental impact.

Our strategy is paying off

During the last 3 years, Econ’s industrial outputs have increased by 19%, with only an 8% increase in electricity usage. Due to investment in our infrastructure, we have utilised 15% of our energy from renewable energy resources such as solar panels. This attributes to a 15% reduction in carbon production.

Moving forward

Whilst we are proud of our efforts to date, we realise that there are still improvements to be made. We are looking to invest further in reducing our environmental impact. This investment will come at all stages of production; we will develop ways to save energy in manufacturing, whilst taking time to monitor our supply chain and ensuring we are always procuring ethically and responsibly.

Social value

Beyond environmental change, Econ is also always seeking to benefit the local communities in which we operate. As well as being a responsible, diverse workforce, we are incredibly proud to support various local groups in Ripon and the surrounding areas. These include local cricket, football and rugby teams and supporting the local Brownies and Guides groups.

We are always seeking to educate, hosting visits from Young Farmers Groups and attending local schools to give talks on career paths and opportunities within the engineering sector. One particular initiative we are proud to be involved with is around ‘Getting Girls into Engineering’.

We have also recently launched our official charity partnership with the British Heart Foundation, whilst raising funds for various other causes including the ICU at Harrogate District Hospital.

Sustainable products

As Econ progresses towards a net zero future, our efforts to improve our sustainable strategy continue.
Each vehicle produced at Econ is bespoke to our customer requirements and so all of our innovations and improvements need to minimise the effects on the environment. From manufacturing components, using efficient and clean diesel engines, to harnessing new technology like electric power, Econ is heading in the right direction and working towards a greener future.

Sustainable manufacturing

Econ’s environmental impact from our manufacturing site is small in comparison to the production of raw materials and components utilised on vehicles. Within our facilities, we have made major investment in the reduction in carbon emissions. Examples include the swap from halogen lamps to energy efficient LED lighting, and the installation of a 10kW fibre laser to replace our 6kW CO² laser, which on some component parts reduces energy consumption by 40 to 50%.

Waste management

Our aim is to reduce waste by using materials efficiently, utilising recycled products and ensuring waste is disposed of responsibly. We contract our waste disposal to a local Environment Agency licensed waste carrier who is guaranteed to process our waste responsibly and abide by current legislation. We also recycle 100% of our scrap metal and have all cardboard removed for recycling on a monthly basis. By recycling just 1 tonne of cardboard, we save up to 17 trees, reducing the demand for landfill.