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Liquid De-Icer Sprayers

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Partnering with the suppliers to the agri-chemical industry, our liquid de-icing vehicles offer superior control and accuracy, delivered through an innovative reverse bar.  Liquid de-icers get to work straight away, making them ideal for areas that are vulnerable to ice or corrosion.  Exposed or sheltered roads on marginal nights, assets of economic or historic value, or reducing liability around cycleways, paths and guided bus lanes.

The Econ range of liquid de-icing vehicles have been designed specifically to meet your growing obligations for an immediate de-icing solution in vulnerable areas.  The range includes permanently mounted or trailed vehicles of different sizes for a range of applications from main roads to cycle paths.


Key Specifications:


Variable capacity sizes to suit your business needs

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Econ - Best of British engineering

The best of British engineering

Using migrated technology from the agri-chemical industry, and the Econ Spargo 4G system the Econ liquid spraying vehicles are designed to provide solutions for a wide range of applications from major roads to pedestrian or cycle areas. Ideal for Contractors, Facilities Management and Councils for your growing obligations requiring more immediate de-icing solutions.

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