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Swap Body Tipper & Loader Crane

Sector leading performance that others follow

With over 50 years of best of British engineering and a first class reputation for customer based development. Econ have designed this general maintenance vehicle with the safety of your teams in mind.  It comes with either an end or side tipper and a crane, allowing a range of bulk materials to be offloaded on site safely without the need for manual handling.  Specifically designed to provide a workable bulk load solution for highway contractors when working on site.

The 3-way tipper can carry up to 12m3 of material and is designed to carry and tip bulk materials from the side. It is controlled from the reverse and enables the offloading of bulk materials such as black top or sand on site, whilst keeping your road crew safe.

Key Specifications:

Crane options:

Side and end mounted

Econ crane icon

3-way tipper:

Rear, left and right

Econ Multi purpose icon


Side or reverse tipper capability
Optional alloy sideboards
Non-insulated or insulated
Loader crane

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Rear view of an Econ Swap Body Tipper vehicle

Bespoke Swap Body Tipper

The best of British engineering

We have over 50 years of experience of providing best in British Engineering solutions for our customers. Working with industry leaders we can develop any bespoke body to help you get the most out of these swap body systems and meet your contractual obligations. Our current solutions cover a wide range of specific winter and highway maintenance duties for Councils, Highways, Contractors and private sector.

Peace of mind with Contract Maintenance

If you buy your fleet from Econ, you can still get our experts to help you keep your vehicles working in tip-top condition. Econ Contract Maintenance includes scheduled maintenance or unexpected mechanical repairs. Our engineers can also be called upon to repair damaged vehicles with Econ original parts direct from our factory.

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