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Road Patching

Dedicated and multipurpose road patching vehicles

Econ offers two dedicated hotbox road patching vehicles that offer a fully standalone patching solution, or delivery and deployment of asphalt to support a bigger road repair team. Both use the Econ Hotbox with its innovative “V” design hopper and narrowest possible air gap, which ensures material is kept at the correct operating temperature for up to 12 hours, enabling repairs around the clock.

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More efficient road repairs

We all know the pressure to maintain the public and private road network is ever increasing. As the volume of traffic rises, so does the volume of work which needs to be undertaken to keep roads in good condition. Econ’s hotbox and mobile road patching plant equipment is designed to keep your road maintenance teams working more effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to our innovative technology, our hotbox lorries and road patching trucks keep your asphalt workable for longer, meaning workers can do what they do best without having to return to base because their material is no longer usable.

Operatives repairing a road with an Econ Hotbox

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