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East Lothian updates its fleet with Econ

Two new Econ multispreads on DAF chassis have joined East Lothian’s fleet of utility vehicles as the council gears up for winter.

The Scottish county, known as the ‘golf coast’, is primarily made up of farmland and has a strong agricultural industry which relies on the 600 mile network of largely rural roads.

In harsh winter conditions the council’s fleet will grit up to 400 miles of its network and up to 20 miles of pathways, with over 900 grit bins provided for especially remote areas.

In order to maximise the efficiency of its 18-strong fleet this winter the council has replaced two of its older Econ multispreads with newer models.

With three QCB units, 13 multispread and two demount spreaders, East Lothian’s fleet can operate all year round, using the same vehicles for road maintenance and winter servicing tasks.

“Multi-purpose vehicles have always been our preference as they offer greater versatility and don’t have to wait half a year to get started,” said Bruce Moffat, service manager at East Lothian’s transport and waste services department.

“The new vehicles have been working on road maintenance projects since August and now the gritting season has begun we can just fill them with salt and send them straight out.”

He added: “Choosing to update the fleet with Econ was an easy decision to make: the majority of our vehicles are Econ, our drivers are already comfortable with the systems, and we’ve been very happy with Econ’s support.”

The two multispreads have also been fitted with alternative DAF cabs as the council aims to further increase the efficiency of its fleet.

“To really get the most out of the two new vehicles we chose two different cabs from DAF, one day cab and one crew cab. In these eco-conscious times having a crew cab is particularly useful as it allows us to take a full team to work on sites, without using another vehicle – saving time and using less fuel,” said Bruce.