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The Covid 19 situation is new to all of us and the position and advice continues to change frequently. Econ will continue to follow all the UK Government direction. We have also put in place actions to protect the welfare of our employees, our customers’ employees and for the continued success of the business. The actions are focused on protecting continuity of business for our customers and for Econ.

  • General procedures:
    • No handshakes
    • Handwashing frequently and thoroughly especially before and after meeting people
    • All employees are requested to follow all the government advice in their social life
    • All non-essential travel has been postponed
    • Internal meetings of no more than four people with attention to safe distancing
    • Increasing use of videoconferencing for customer/supplier meetings
  • Service:
    • All scheduled services will continue as planned
    • All installations will continue as scheduled
    • Our service field engineers will continue to operate as normal and make all your scheduled visits
    • Field engineers have hand sanitizer in their cars and use it every time they enter and leave the vehicle
    • Our field engineers will abide by any customer instructions or special behaviours requested
    • There are no field engineer social event gatherings
    • The hotline team is split between office based and home working
    • There will be a high focus on Remote Fix to customer issues
    • Additional homeworking is under consideration for support staff
  • Please let us know:
    • If you have an issue that will impact on the way we support you
    • If there is any special support you may require during this period
    • If Econ employees are not following the guidelines set out above

Our aim is to continue to support your business during the current circumstances and to ensure we maintain continuity in the services we offer.