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Kirklees Council

20 years of Unibodies and counting for Kirklees

Kirklees Council traditionally used a roll off/roll on swap body system to meet their road maintenance and winter road clearing needs, but limited space to store spare bodies became an issue. Working with the council, Econ came up with a more fitting solution.

Three Kirklees Council branded Econ Unibody vehicles together


Kirklees Council, home to a 2,000km road network, has a game of two halves with regards to their road maintenance and clearing schedule. From an urban depot in Batley, where the iconic weaving Mills have long been converted into shopping centres, office spaces and urban accommodation to serve this bustling community.  And the more rural depot in Honley, home to remote roads like Holme Moss, which some of you may remember from the brutal climbs over from Snake Pass and Sheffield in the Tour De Yorkshire.

With such a diverse and extensive network, the council needed a vehicle fleet that can service their range of road maintenance and winter clearing tasks. These needs were being met through a fleet of swap body system vehicles but limited space in the depots meant there was little room for spare bodies when they were not in use. A solution was needed to tackle to space issue, whilst making sure the fleet could still carry out its important multi-task work across the region.



The council informed Econ of their logistical issue and worked with them to find a better solution. Econ recommended swapping their current vehicles for Econ Unibody vehicles. Working from single chassis and using advanced technology, the Unibody allowed the council to maintain a high standard of road maintenance and winter road clearing operation without having to consider where spare bodies could be stored.

This important change happened in 1999, and Econ and Kirklees Council continue to work together successfully 20 years later.

“The Econ Unibody is a better cross functioning product that satisfies both our winter and summer tasks from a single vehicle.” Darren Fletcher, Fleet Manager for Transport Services at Kirklees Council


“Back in the 80’s we ran roll off/roll on swap body vehicles and whilst these at the time were capable of satisfying each task better, we had limited storage for the spare bodies and over time technology has moved on” says Darren Fletcher, Fleet Manager for Transport Services at Kirklees Council.

“In 1999, Kirklees looked to Econ for a different solution. The speedy changeover provided by the Econ Unibody System, between a truck with a 3-way tipper that can service general maintenance tasks and one that can grit means that the council team could be literally road mending during the day and then gritting that same road in the evening from a single chassis. So, the Unibody was an obvious choice” says Andrew Lupton, Sales Director at Econ.

“The Econ Unibody is a better cross functioning product that satisfies both our winter and summer tasks from a single vehicle” says Darren.

“We have always found the Econ trucks to be reliable but the unique Unibody not only provides a superior payload as they no longer had to carry the but its crossover capabilities mean we can get the maximum work out of one vehicle.  We service and maintain our own trucks but rely on a good working relationship with the parts and service teams back at Econ for technical or software queries” concludes Darren.

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