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Customers are at the heart of our business

Econ Engineering is a market leading, 2nd generation engineering manufacturer, we build a range of vehicles each year that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the winter and highway maintenance sector. Our range of gritters, road mending, multipurpose and swap body (demountable) vehicles can be seen at work on many highways across the UK, throughout the year.

Side view of a 18t Unibody on DAF Chassis


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From humble beginnings…(h3)

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Econ was formed in 1969 from the old Vaux Brewery site in Ripon, after William Lupton had already found success with his innovative mid mounted hedge and verge trimmer (The Lupat) which was born out of a desire to make everyday tasks easier for farmers like his parents.

The first spinning salt distribution gritter was developed and brought to market just 2 years later, a concept that Bill had been mulling over after a series of harsh winters in the 60’s almost brought Britain to it’s knees. 50 years on, the 2nd generation of Lupton’s keep this principle very much at the heart of their business, developing their range of products and services in line with customer needs and market changes.

The decision was made to launch the gritter at the Institute of Public Cleansing Conference at Torbay in 1972. Although confident in the machines, initially ambitions were modest, hoping to take orders for 10 or a dozen. But 70 orders were received and the rest is history, with 85 per cent of the road salt spreaders in the UK now supplied by Econ

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Service Innovation (h3)

Meanwhile Jonathan & Andrew Lupton, Bill’s oldest 2 sons, had both by now joined Econ and they came up with an alternative solution to the budget cuts. They decided that if customers could no longer afford to buy vehicles up front, they might be able to hire them for a shorter period, the idea took off. Subsequent developments to allow customers to pay during “operating periods” to match their budget phasing, and xx terms have made this an attractive proposition for some companies. What started as just 20 machines in the first year back in xxx quickly grew to over 800 winter vehicles on hire during the xx years.

With so many vehicles on hire, Econ had to build a network of mobile service engineers to facilitated the regular checks and calibrations their hard working vehicles require. So as well as a team of Mobile Service Engineers, the company has invested in Service hubs in Ripon & Alloa, Scotland with another due to open in Cardiff, Wales later this year




1960s (h3)

Left Hand Cut Trimmer

Registration number 312 UYF was manufactured in 1962, seen here fitted with the Agriquipment / Lupat Verge Trimmer, manufactured in Otley again by W.G.Lupton in 1960. This hedger/mower is the first of 3 LH cut, double arm machines ever produced and was originally sold to J.F.Jossaume of Saffron-Walden who had a fleet of 5 machines in the 1960’s. The one shown here was originally fitted to a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor but was extensively restored in 1996 and fitted to the Fordson Super Major. In 1961 the Hedger/Mower won the Silver Medal at the Royal Show in Cambridge for New Implement.

“Investing in the Econ E-Drive and Navtrak system ensures maximum network coverage for the least miles driven, as well as the right level of de-icing for the current conditions, with drivers who may be unfamiliar with our routes”. Simon Moseley, Contract & Policy Engineer, Warwickshire Council

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The benefits of hiring (h2)

If you buy your fleet from Econ, you can still get our experts to help you keep your vehicles working in tip top condition. Econ Contract Maintenance includes scheduled maintenance or unexpected mechanical repairs. Our engineers can also be called upon to repair damaged vehicles with Econ original parts direct from our factory.


Contract maintenance (h2)

We have over 50 years of experience of providing each customer with a vehicle that’s designed to meet their exact business needs. We will work with you to determine what features your vehicles needs and how best to meet your contractual obligations. Our highly skilled sales and production teams provide customers with best-in-class expertise and guidance, which ensures they take delivery of vehicles that are in tune with their exact business requirements.

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