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Value And Reliability For BEAR Scotland

BEAR Spreaders

The BEAR Scotland team is gearing up for winter and its mission to maintain over
1,000 miles of roads in North East Scotland, including the UK’s most northerly
motorway, the M90 from Perth to Dundee, following its contract renewal earlier
this year.

The area is known for its harsh winter weather. Blizzards and extreme snowdrifts are not uncommon,
which makes keeping the roads clear for the area’s residents an ongoing challenge for the BEAR team.

The team has been maintaining and managing the area’s road network using a fleet of Econ vehicles
since 2007. Under the terms of the new contract, however, the team needed an additional 11 dedicated
winter vehicles to stay on top of the severe conditions. Once again BEAR Scotland turned to Econ to
supply the extra pre-wet spreaders – knowing that they could rely on its high quality vehicles being up
to the challenge – to join its existing 19, ordered in December last year.